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Laos Business directory of Agricultural business in Laos. Although gradually declining in terms of its contribution to GDP in recent years, agriculture continues to play a major role in Lao PDR’s economy. In 2010, the sector contributed to an estimated 25.5 percent of GDP and absorbed an estimated 75 percent of the total workforce. Rice accounted for about 80 percent of cultivated land during the 1989-90 growing season, including 422,000 hectares of lowland wet rice and 223,0 hectares of upland rice.[This demonstrates that although there is interplanting of upland crops and fish are found in fields, irrigated rice agriculture remains basically a monoculture system despite government efforts to encourage crop diversification.

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NamKhan Eco Farm

Eco Farm in Luang Prabang with a variety of tropical fruits, vegetables, roots and herbs educating native farmers regarding new crops.