How to deliver the perfect pitch for Investment

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Finding Investors

How to pitch the perfect delivery to get Investors…

We all want Investors leaning in and demonstrating very clear buying signals and then throwing the money at you, then at last you have achieved liquidity in your business, but no matter how good your product or service is, your pitch to investors will tell them what they need to know, and often will mean success or failure.

Finding Investors

Finding Investors

The ten minute rule.

Yes, we know you’ve been at this for years and you have so much skin in the game, and you are so broke blah blah… but really; to an investor who lives in an entirely different universe to you, they really don’t care about what you have been through, only to know that how your time spent will impact their mullah they are putting in to you!

They don’t need your life story, how much pizza you ate, how you could not afford your mortgage for 6 months, this is not America’s got talent, they expect you to be grown up and professional and just tell them what they want to know!

Your pitch should be ten mins NO more.

When you start to bore, you sound desperate, and no one is driven by boredom, any kind of selling is about excitement and passion. Ten minutes is all you should use to display all your passion about what you are planning and how they can be part of it.

Ten minutes demonstrates composure and investors need to know you can hold the floor.

Be a story teller

As human we have loved stories since we were children and the reason why the movie industry still thrives, we love to get taken away, stories as examples always work well. Investors have seen the numbers that’s why they have got to close encounter of the third kind and meeting you, so show them you are human and why your passion means so much to you and what it can mean to everyone else.

We always told the story of; ‘The reluctant sales rep who does no selling in the conventional sense, trying to convince someone they need something he sells, no networking, no cold calls, yet confounds his bosses and colleagues by always being the top salesman month after month, yet when he reveals his constant supply of leads, we find out he is a Biz-find subscriber and gets leads sent each week that we find for him.’

Third party stories are a great way to explain without being patronizing, to someone whom you secretly think is rich but a bit of a knuckle scraper.

Be succinct

When you have respect for someone’s time, you demonstrate a universally rare skill found these days that Investors will be very impressed with.

Biz-find respect for Time

Biz-find respect for Time

How many times do people call you and ask if you are not busy before starting to go off on one rambling about themselves, totally unaware you have a baby on one arm and a hot dinner plate in the other with a blog half finished?  If your potential investors say they have 10 minutes, then you should end the meeting before they do!

In the time afforded to you must:

  • Explain what your product or services are quickly, and remember to be Investor centric, remember old school sales:
  • Demonstrate how this is what it is but this is how it makes money..
  • Show not tell benefits over features
  • Be different
  • Really hammer home why you are different and not another me too in the market place. Being different is so much easier to sell.

Target market knowledge

Biz-find Target market

Biz-find Target market

This one was always tricky for us being a business directory cum Leads sourcing website, our target market was always going to be everyone and anyone who has opened up a business, but although this is the right answer, it’s also the wrong one. It took me ages to get my head around what investors want me to say here.

So rather than be generic, I was able to demonstrate a way to start earning revenue quicker by starting with the business categories that attract the most visitors, and starting with them, so we told investors we start with finance companies, and real estate in Thailand where we get a lot of traction and because they are big ticket items and being a subscriber at $10 a month was a real no-brainer for most.

Acquisition and revenue

Tell them in plain English how you get to talk to these potential clients and how you land them with real hard cash in the business bank account, and how you keep them.

We told investors:

We already have over 5,000 companies who found us on search engines and added their business to one of our 9 country sites, we helped to market them for free to our 500k social media reach, so now when we contact them on the phone and help them to get even more free marketing from us in return for what they are buying, which gives us over 100 leads every week.

Biz-find buyers

Biz-find buyers

We then call up suppliers for these leads and tell them we have found a potential customer for them, who is geographically in the area they sell, is the decision maker, has the money, and wants to buy today!

We sell the information at $60 a month, and it’s very easy to sell the information. The majority of business-people will know that business cost per acquisition rates are nearer to $2,000 for one new client!

Make sure Investors know you are pin-point accurate on your math; make your business model is really easy to understand. Round up higher of expenditure and lower on Income, yet show an insane amount of money if more than your predicted 10% of sales comes in.

Dress well and Practice

For us as tech nerds it’s hard when people expect us to dress up like Gordon Gecko, to be sharp and show them you mean business, when you feel it’s not ‘me’  they are buying, but the years we have sat behind the PC developing what we have.

We now have to swim in a different ocean and sell, if you are the mega nerd, and have never had a suit fitted or are so uncomfortable speaking to the suits, then now is time to get a partner in who can.

If you are reasonably comfortable with presentation and getting to the next rung as the leader, you will need to practice your pitch to get it down to ten minutes, that is a challenge when we have lived and breathed our business for so long now, ten minutes will feel very short a time to get it all in, yet it  is possible, just try to think like the investors and what would you want to know if you were thinking of putting your ‘hard earned’ in to a project and answer those questions.

The exit

Be wildly enthusiastic about the exit, this is why your Investors are sat in front of you! Show them you are not married to your project and will release very easily when the right offer comes along, this is the investors reason for sitting there and the aria of your opera.

Put the ideas in their head of what they will do with 10% or so of $50 million you will get for your business when you sell. Get them talking at this stage.

Selling your business

Selling your business

Lastly: Don’t oversell

Salesmanship 101: if an investor says “OK where do we put the money?”

Don’t reply; “No wait let me show you more!”

Say “Fantastic, wise choice, here is the bank details…then after we can send over forms/MOU et al to sign” That’s what we did!

Netmedia Asia has now relocated to Laos, where we believe is an up and coming frontier market with GDP growth around 7% to operate our new office from.

We have operated albeit online since 2009 as a social media marketing training business and branched to lead sourcing in 2012 and now have over 4,300 user added and user managed business on 9 country sites in South East Asia, U.K. and the U.S who found us on Search engines. We have never had a marketing budget as such. We have over 20,000 subscribers to our newsletter.

Our current investors are really hyped about how we will be calling 40 new companies each day with to offer qualified buyers for what they sell. Something no one else does!

We are currently crowd funding for our business, and you can become a part of a very exciting new concept in online B2B and B2C lead generation.

You can meet us here in Pakse Laos (where the mountains are rivers are of great beauty, and we have a world class beer that is so cheap!) to see our bricks and mortar office and we can show you how we can make you a big return on your investment with us and the perks of marketing with the number one social media marketing company in S.E.A..

Netmedia Biz-find In Laos

Netmedia Biz-find In Laos

Investing starts with as little as 10,000THB.

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